KPI Broking is an insurance broker based in Coffs Harbour. Our team will find you the most suitable business & personal insurance.


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get the right advice from experienced insurance brokers


For professional advice and help with your business or personal insurance policies, talk to the qualified insurance brokers at KPI Broking in Coffs Harbour.


Our brokers work for you, not the insurance companies. It’s our job (which we take very seriously) to find you the most suitable coverage for your company or yourself from any of the 75+ insurers and underwriting agents we have access to. At KPI Broking, we are experts in commercial insurance.


Finding the right insurer and coverage can be a headache. Comparing different policies and reading all the documentation can take ages. It’s easy to miss or misinterpret something. Will your risks be adequately covered?


Let us help. Our brokers have been in the insurance broking business for many years. This is what we do, what we love, and what we excel at. We’ll provide expert advice on the policies you need, find the best possible coverage to protect your business or personal assets and will manage any claims you may have in future.


Find out more about us.


we act for you,


our customer,


not the insurer.


personal insurance broker COFFS HARBOUR


Don’t take any risks with your most valuable personal assets, such as your home, home contents, investment property, car, motorcycle, boat or caravan.


What if there was an accident or natural disaster and your belongings were damaged or destroyed? Do you know if they are adequately covered? Are you sure nothing has been overlooked? Or you’re paying for things you may not need?



This applies not only to your home & contents insurance, landlord insurance, car insurance and pleasure craft insurance, but also to travel insurance.


Don’t risk being uninsured or underinsured if something unexpected happens. Make sure you have the right insurance policies to cover your risks – and you’ll sleep better at night.


We’ll get you covered – adequately – with the right insurer – and at the best price.


KPI Broking is a firm of qualified personal insurance brokers based in Coffs Harbour. Let us take the headache out of sourcing and comparing insurance policies for your main assets.

why use kpi broking



Because we’re the experts. We work for you, not for any insurer. We’re Coffs Harbour locals, so we understand you and the risks you face, and can meet with you in person.



We’ll find you the most suitable insurance coverage from one of the 75+ insurers and underwriting agents we have access to, at the best possible price. We’ll also interpret the jargon and small print in the policies and answer all your questions.


We’re your local personal insurance broker for your:


Car Insurance

Home and Contents Insurance

Landlord Insurance

Pleasure Craft Insurance

Travel Insurance

For quality advice and peace of mind, contact KPI Broking now to discuss your personal insurance needs.

professional business insurance brokers


Protect your business with the right insurance package – one that’s tailored to your circumstances and requirements, at all times.


Using qualified business insurance brokers to help you manage your risks is a smart decision for many reasons. To be blunt, the only reason NOT to use a business insurance broker is if you are an insurance expert and 100% confident of the exact insurance policies and level of coverage you need.


Most businesses however don’t have an in-house insurance expert and are much better off with a professional insurance broker who looks after their best interests and prevents them from making potentially expensive mistakes.


At KPI Broking, we are commercial insurance broking specialists with a wealth of experience finding suitable policies for businesses of all sizes in a wide range of industries.


As Coffs Harbour locals, we understand your business, the market and the community, so you can rest assured you’ll get reliable advice about proper coverage for your business.


We provide a full review of the insured and uninsured exposures your business faces and offer solutions that provide the best level of protection your business can afford.


With access to more than 75 insurers and underwriting agents and knowledge about new policies that continually come on the market, we ensure you’ll always have the best insurance package for your particular needs, year after year.


We attend to all the technical details and fine print to minimise your business risks and give you peace of mind.


Here are more good reasons to use KPI Broking as your business insurance brokers.

business insurance





We’ll arrange a tailored package of the most suitable business insurances for you, such as:


Business Interruption (loss of profits) INSURANCE

Contract Works

Corporate Travel


Cyber Liability

Directors and Officers Liability

Employment Practices Liability

Home Warranty

Management Liability

Premium Funding

Professional Indemnity


Public & Product Liability INSURANCE

Statutory Liability


Trade Credit





KPI Broking can arrange appropriate insurance for businesses in any industry, including:


ASX Listed Companies

Caravan Parks

Child Care Services

Commercial Property Owners


Employment Services

Financial Institutions

Food & Beverage

Hotels & Clubs

Importers and Wholesalers


Investment/Fund Managers


Medical & Health

Motor Dealers

Motor Trade

Professional Services

Retail Shopping Centres


Tourism and Tourism Attractions



For quality advice and peace of mind, contact KPI Broking now to discuss your business insurance needs.

how to make a claim


Contact your broker


Please contact your broker and they will guide you through the claims process to ensure the process is as smooth and stress free as possible.


Emergency assistance


If you require after hours emergency assistance, please call our  24 hour Claims hotline mobile on 0456 855 454 and we can assist you immediately with your issue.


In the event of an incident:


Always ensure people’s safety as your priority

Contact your broker as soon as possible to start the claim process

Do your best to minimise further risk or loss

Ensure you take accurate photo records and note any details that may be assistance during the claims process such as date, timing, personal details etc.

A loss adjuster may need to assess the damage before clean up begins so please check with your broker before taking any repair action.


We are with your every step of the way to ensure you achieve peace of mind.


    kpi broking insurance coffs harbour runaway bay
    KPI Broking coffs harbour runaway bay

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    kpi broking insurance coffs harbour runaway bay
    KPI Broking coffs harbour runaway bay
    kpi broking insurance coffs harbour runaway bay
    KPI Broking coffs harbour runaway bay